Chapel in listed building in Germany for $359k

  • 0 bedrooms + 1 bathroom

  • 65m2

  • Located in Main-Spessart, Bavaria, Germany

From the Listing:

The chapel is located on the 2nd floor of the historic building and also extends to the 3rd floor (organ loft). To the west of the choir is the sacristy, while the oratory is to the east. The church organ by Steinmeyer of Oettingen, which was extensively restored in 1989, is in the organ loft. It was not until 1925 that the chapel was restored to its present state. Until then, it was bare and covered in a frosty white, but, starting in the summer of 1925, it was transformed into a well-proportioned baroque oratorio decorated with colored stucco. It also has a bell tower which lends its characteristic to the silhouette of the building. The chapel can be seen from all directions and, from a bird's eye view, the original significance of the building becomes clearer. The chapel was last renovated from 1979 to 1980. During this renovation, the chapel ceiling was insulated and the windows were newly leaded with double glazing added.

The chapel is covered with PVC panels. There is no heating. There is a toilet in the sacristy. An emergency heater is also installed there. There is a toilet in the sacristy, where also the circuit box is located. The electrical wiring in the entire chapel does not meet today's requirements. The windows are listed for historical preservation and feature simple lead glass paintings. The furnishings as well as the altar and the pews can be removed, but must be preserved or stored according to the requirements of the historical preservation office. The organ must also be preserved.

Further: elevator, caretaker service, underground parking and above-ground parking spaces The entire chapel and building ensemble is listed.

Extract from the declaration of division: The chapel in the building may be used for church purposes by the parish in Lohr am Main; however only to an extent that does not permanently disturb the occupancy of the apartments in the rest of the building. The church bells may only be used on the occasion of the Sunday service and for other church events on public holidays; however, they cannot be used for weddings.

Source: Sotheby's Realty

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