Stunning Fixer in Italy for $58k

Civitavecchia, the highest point in Arpino, dates back to pre-Roman times and is a listed archeological site. The megalithic walls around it and its pointed entry gate were all originally built by the Volscians some seven to eight centuries BC. Continuously occupied ever since then - some twenty-eight centuries - Civitavecchia is now guarded by a medieval tower, which watches over its quiet cobbled streets and old stone churches. A private church still owned by the Pesce family, who commissioned its construction several hundred years ago, stands by the entrance through the stone town walls. Right in the centre of Civitavecchia stands the Palazzo Pesce dating from the 1700s, originally owned by the same family, and where an 8 room apartment, Appartamento Bianchi, comprising most of one floor, is now for sale. 

The 180 sq. mt. apartment itself is unrestored, although the rest of the building is in good condition and has largely been restored. Entering the apartment from the communal stone stairwell, you come into a hall with an old wood ceiling. In front of you are the three large rooms running along the front of the building. All three have fine antique painted wooden ceilings, one rose, one green, one deep yellow. The rose and yellow rooms, each with two windows, flank the large green drawing room, which has three large windows looking out over Civitavecchia. The room with the deep yellow ceiling currently has an ensuite bathroom, although the plumbing will require modernisation. To the left of the entrance hall are three further rooms, with unpainted antique wood ceilings and with windows into a pretty side alley. The last of these rooms has a stone fireplace. Easily made into a truly splendid one bedroom apartment, utilising the current bathroom and keeping the kitchen in the room with the fireplace, it would also be possible to make a fine two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in one of several different configurations, depending where you want to position the kitchen. The property would make an excellent summer holiday home since it is part of the small community of Civitavecchia and hence would have no security problems if left unoccupied in the winter. There is excellent road access and nearby free car parking. All utilities are available. 

At a Glance

  • 2 Bedrooms

  • 1 Bath

  • Located in Arpino, Italy

  • Courtesy of RIGHT MOVE


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