Sweet little cottage in Norway on 1.2 Acres

Asking $78,826 USD

What a dreamy little red cabin on acreage located only an hour and a half from Oslo. Lots of pine wood throughout (especially the kitchen & bathroom).

At a Glance

From the Listing

"Cozy cottage with 2 bedrooms * 1.2 acres * Walking distance to great swimming area

From the terrace and the entrance you enter a large entrance hall. From here, the next door is into the bathroom.

The bathroom has a newer standard and is spacious to be in a cabin. Shower cubicle, bathroom fittings with washbasin / base cabinet and mirror skylight and two side cabinets. a grip mixer. Biological cabin toilet.

Behind the bathroom (outside the cabin) there is a room with a large water tank and pump from the well with wiring to the bathroom. Water cisterns intended for showers and washbasins. Drains from the shower and washbasin are led via hose to the terrain.

The cottage has a large living room that has plenty of space and is easy to furnish.

Classic and nice kitchen, with a window that lets in a lot of light from the surroundings. Kitchen furniture in solid pine with cupboards. profiled benches / cabinet doors.

Two space-efficient bedrooms, one of which has space for a double bed."

Photos (courtesy of finn.no)


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